Berlin Day Trip: Kaulsdorfer Seen – 50 Shades Of Green..

Did I mention the best thing about living in Berlin? It’s that you can get out of it in a blink of an eye. A pirate’s eye 🙂 

Just the other day, after winning the battle with myself and breaking the inertia of staying inside, I got in the middle of a green field, by a lake in as little as 30 min. Yes, I took the Sbahn with my bike. 

All the planets aligned so that all the elevators were working. Hence I could transport my bike without any issue. It seems elementary? Ha, ha, you learn to value these “elementary conditions” when the elevators are not working and you need to carry your bike up the stairs..

So, yeah, in the non-Einsteinian space-time of 30 minutes you can breathe again and really feel happy to be alive. Luscious greenery. There must be a typo in that best seller’s title: 50 Shades of Gray. I think the writer meant Green. Really!

Here’s what I mean:


And the extended story 🙂

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