Bucharest’s Most Astonishing Attraction

Yes, Romania is my country and my goal with this article is to attract an insane invasion of people visiting it, to discover this particular spot in Bucharest I am going to talk about. It is the only spot where you can find a ravishingly beautiful Real-Life Raven Frame. Here is what I mean: 

The Real-Life Raven Frame

Please make sure to reserve a ticket in due time in order to be able to see this masterpiece with your own eyes. There is a huge waiting list already due to both the social distancing in Corona virus times but also to the fact the raven is not always there.. 

After its meteoric rise to stardom, The Raven has now its fair share of diva moments, taking its liberty on when to show up in the designated frame. Also, he sometimes takes a few days off or even weeks. On the bright side, during those times, he is still outsourcing the job to a particular crow hired on the black market. 

The replacement is literally close to perfection because this crow has extended experience in working as a lookalike for several ravens which are Instagram influencers. So no worries about this. 

However if you find yourself experiencing a certain anxiety along the lines of: “Did I actually get to see the real Raven of the infamous Real-Life Raven Frame or was it just its lookalike?”, there is always the option of booking a full time monthly pass covering a 24h per day access and witness the exact moment when the Raven takes off and the crow seamlessly takes its place. 

A great number of spectators have confessed a tremendous improvement in their anxiety levels after purchasing that ticket option. Some of them even said they preferred the crow..The lookalike effectiveness is so amazing that even the Louvre museum has looked into this option as a solution for when Mona Lisa has its diva moments and just walks away on a whim leaving a pack of Japanese tourists armed with their point and shoots, hanging in there, hoping for a comeback. 

I hope my raving review of the Real-Life Raven Frame has persuaded you by now to hop on the next plane to Bucharest and have this once in a lifetime experience. 

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  1. What a cool story, Valentina! I wasn’t aware of the Raven when I visited Bucharest. But it seems such a local thing to do. I definitely would like to see it when I return one day in Bucharest. Have fun!

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