January Trip to Gran Canaria – Week 1 in Pictures

Winter in Berlin comes with heavy cold wind, cold showers of rain, snow, red frozen noses and sticky tongues on the metal handles of the doors. This might sound like a nice holiday time for..polar bears. But for me not so much.

So I jumped into an AirBerlin plane and told the pilot:

“Hey, coachman, take me to a hot and sunny place, bitte! Preferably Sahara.”

But the guy was nice and dropped me from the plane 500 km before reaching Sahara, on a gorgeous volcanic island: Gran Canaria!

This is the story in pictures of our first week in Granka!

After a 5 hours flight, I have set foot in Gran Canaria driven by one single thought:

I’m hungry! And so the chase for food began.

Very soon I have noticed there was a tough competition. Everybody on the island was searching for food.

Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


After a while, I found a beach bar. But the guy at the entrance seemed pretty dehydrated and underfed. So I didn’t take that risk.

Mexican beach bar on Paseo de Las Canteras, directly by the sea


It was clear: I had no choice but hunt something myself. In the water:

Low sea level in Las Canteras

The hunger was stinging so hard that a medusa suddenly seemed a delicious option:


Everybody was laughing at me:

ALE-HOP: Funky and creative souvenir shop on Paseo de las Canteras


Including Santa Claus dressed up as  Fidel Castro:

Sand sculpture by night – the same beach 🙂 This is Canarian Santa Claus 🙂
The same sand sculpture on a gorgeous sunny day


And his cow:

Mascot in front of ALE-HOP SHOP

And some aliens which disappeared quickly leaving behind just some small traces:

Beautiful sand drawings


A few days later I have finally found some food. For my thirst 🙂

Great selection of beer in Karmacoma restaurant

I emptied the bottles of beer in a blink of an eye which left some people in shock and Frieda Kahlo envious.

Inside Karmacoma, a tiny cool restaurant in the trendy neighbourhood Guanarteme


They called the police and the bomberos.

Los Bomberos – The Firefighters


What shall I do?

I stole an old, shabby car and rushed through the city.

Amazing vintage car close to NYT bar in Las Palmas


We managed to escape to Santa Catalina Park:

Beautiful park at the East of Las Canteras and close to La Isleta


Where we have also found some bocatas

Restaurant close to Santa Catalina Park


Dare to live your own adventure!

Photo collage made with items bought in ALE-HOP shop

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